Saturday, 1 August 2020

Polish countryside my place

Main street

I live permanently in a big city in south of  Poland but since 2005 I have a temporary house in the south-east of Poland. As teachers my hubby and me we spend a lot of time here. It is a small town 8000 residents live here. We love living here. People are friendly and helpful. We are close to nature. We have a house with drive and backyard where there are apple trees, plums , cherries and some vegs. It is our paradise. We are lucky here especially now in pandemic time. We love walking and cycling. My daughter also loves it as a medical student she can relax here too. We hosted a lot of cousins from Australia and the USA last time. My Italian friend also visited me last year.  

Town Hall


  1. It looks welcoming and lovely. The garden photos draw my eyes particularly.

  2. Such a lovely place! It must be wonderful to be able to get away from the city and go out there.

  3. It is your little piece of paradise.

  4. Look very ice there and country towns are great.

  5. Absolutely living in the countryside, even for few days is a pleasure and i'm glad the pandemic helps you stay over there to enjoy the nature and quietness of little town. Lovely shots

    Take care