Monday, 23 January 2017

One country different weather

23rd January 2017

Now we are at home . We were in the mountains for one week  and there was typical wintry weather.
While we were driving the weather changed completely. 200 km from the mountains there was so little snow and temperature was much friendlier. In the air we felt spring... now I know I miss mountains but not snow and frost..

My dog was very happy feeling sun...

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Snowy photos from the mountains

22 nd January 2017

We are at home so now I am able to upload much more photos from snowy world. At my permanent place of living there is some snow but it does not look as nice as in the small village. 

I would like to send some snow my blogger friends from Australia Elephant Child, Whiteangel and Andrew- and others who live in hot climate zones.. what a pity you live so far as I know you have a hot summer now. 

All photos I took  in the small villages in the mountains last week..

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Goodbye hospitable snowy mountains with a snowman

22nd January 2017

We are leaving snowy mountains.. It was a great time... but luckily we have one more a holiday in my city.

See you next winter..

Friday, 20 January 2017

Storks - symbol of Spring

21st January 2017

 Over 30 thousand couples of storks arrive in Poland every year, at the end of March. About one third of the whole European population of storks live in Poland, the last country in which they appear in such big numbers. In the West white storks are at the edge of extinction. There are about 3 thousand storks in Germany, 318 in Austria, and as little as only 30 in the whole territory of France. 15 thousand storks live in Ukraine and 10 thousand couples in Belarus. Belgian and Sweden do not have any storks at all, while Switzerland has started to import them from Algeria.

I am waiting for them. Photo was taken by me in the countryside last August..

In the miidlle of winter - hens

20th January 2017

We love staying in the mountains where we spend our winter break. It is a small village situated in the mountains and there are some small farms where you can buy fresh eggs. Yesterday I admired hens which are doing very well in the frosty winter.


Thursday, 19 January 2017

Good fences around the world 4

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Daily routine in the winter

18th January 2017

We are in the mountains and as we are expecting weather here is much more colder than in our permanent place of living. Today it was - 5 degrees cloudy and windy for me. But permanent inhabitants cycle here as it was different season of the year not winter.

This man is a senior citizen. He is about seventy - in my opinion. He is going to the bakery...

The in the middle age - cycles as usual - never mind the weather..

Life is good here but different  from my big city and people are much more friendlier..