Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Show must go...

7th December 2016

Luckily tomorrow is Thursday it is the end of tiring and sad week. Life is unpredictable but I think positive.I believe tomorrow we start GOOD fences..

Rainbow a symbol for better future for my "second" daughter Alice  who lost her mum with whom I am going to spend the next weekend at my home..

ASAP I will answer for your comments and I am going to read your blogs.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Final Farewell

7th December 2016

Tomorrow at 12 a.m. we are going to say goodbye my best friend. I was very busy last two days. Luckily Alice my friend's daughter will be adopted by his cousin with family. So I am very happy. Now we are only waiting for the courthouse decision which will be in January but I believe she will stays in this family. My fingers crossed.
Alice's life will be completely different all her life was city based but now she will live in the village in a big house. She has to change a school and leave her friends... but I believe she easily adjust to a new situation.

Roman Catholic Church - tomorrow a funeral of my friend's will be here.. Graveyard is next to the church.

You are with me everyday,
I feel you with every breath,
Your thought is with me,
With every decision I make.

You have been with me until now,
And it is hard to face,
That you are finally gone,
And I will never see you again.

Your hands, your touch, your smile,
Are things I will never forget,
All the love you shared with me,
And all the tears and pain you made go away.

In our short time together,
All the memories we had,
Will last in my heart,
Those memories I will never forget.

Although you have left,
Now you walk above,
You are always with me,
I'm always surrounded by your love.

Now you don't have to worry,
For your love will be passed on,
Cause even though you left me,
You are Always in my Heart.

Thanks for 20 years friendship's.

Sunday, 4 December 2016


4th December 2016

In the morning I got the one of my worst messages in my life. It was death of my best friend who was a great single woman. We have been friends for 20 years. She suffered from pneumonia cancer. She had an adoptive daughter Alice who is 15 now. Alice does not have any family now so how to help her. My  friends and must decide ASAP. 
It is a real tragedy for her because she lost her real parents in car accident when she was 7 days old.

It is not going to be cheerful Christmas..

 Me and my snowy world...

RIP  my friend..

Saturday, 3 December 2016

I am in a bad mood

3rd December 2016

Christmas is coming but I am waiting for the net and it is going to be on Monday... Really fascinating but weekend is weekend for my provider..

Have a great weekend..

Friday, 2 December 2016

my lamp

2nd December 

 waiting for the Internet ..............and I am patient......

my Christmas lamp  
luckily i have the net in my mobile phone 

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Waiting for better connection

1st December 2016
 I am furious because we can not start Good Fences the Internet connection is too slow. Luckily my mobile phone has better connection.

ASAP we start it.. My provider is workong for better connection..

The old house which is abandoned The owners died years ago. Located in Polish countryside. Dates back from 19th century.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Good Fences, Good Neighbors

30th November 2016

Fences - they are around the world. Today I will start Good Fences which play different role and invite you my DEAR Friends upload your fences. So let's show fences from all continents.