Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Wednesday 26 th February 2014

Shopping centres/mall - new fashion.

W hen I was a child Poland was a communist country so any shopping centres didn't exist. I remember ugly, dull corner shops and almost empty shelves in them. I had to wear ugly, unfashionable clothes and shoes which I really hate.

Since 1990 when Poland became a democratic, independent country situation was completely different. In 2004 when The Republic of Poland became the member of European Union we have had the same shops all over Europe.

I live next to very busy street in my city and the longest one. But the most amazing situation is we have had 6 shopping centres here so you can walk and buy what you want. We have French, English, German ang Holland shopping mallls rthe same which you can meet in European Union.

I have been to many European countries the shops are the same, different is currency and language. Now it;s difficult buy something original because Zara, H&M , Ikea, Tesco, are everywhere.Now Polish families spend a lot of thier free time in shopping malls is very trendy.


  1. It has been a huge change in less than three decades. But even in western countries, there weren't many large shopping centres when I was young.

  2. Oh wow! That's wonderful! I love seeing your photos. I'm just amazed at how good your English is!