Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Bieszczady National Park

11th December 2014

This part of Poland is not polluted because there is no industry here and there are only several small town. This part of my place is very popular with tourists. I have been there many times so I put my photos later. 
Animal life is abundant with several species of endangered animals thriving in the area, among them bearswolveswildcats,wild boarsbeaversotters and lynxes as well as deermoose and European bisons (of which around 100 live in the area). The Park also contains interesting bird species, including eagles and owls, and is home to the largest Polish population of Aesculapius's snakes.
The area of the Park is sparsely populated (less than 1 person per km²), which means that animals can roam freely. The region is very popular among tourists, but there are not many facilities in the area. Around 70% of the Park’s area is regarded as strict preserve, which means that the use of trails is restricted. The Park’s authorities promote walking trips.

Bieszczady National Park  located in Subcarpathian Voivodeship in the extreme south-east corner of the country, bordering Slovakia and Ukraine.

Enjoy the greenery and silence


  1. So very beautiful! Thanks for sharing the video.

  2. What a lovely park, and it's so great that it is protected. The music on this video is wonderful.

  3. Thanks once again for showing me so much of the real Poland!