Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Last Farewell

22nd December 2014

It was a very sad day in my family because it was funeral service of my aunt. I know the death is the part of life it is obvious. It means my father who is 71 is the last who survived from 5 siblings. He is the youngest and he is 16 younger than her sister was.

I believe my aunt who was 85 is now in better world. As I remember her she has a great personality. She was always in great mood despite serious personal issues . She lost early her two children and later her beloved husband in 1990.She was a widow for many years.
She was always positive person. Taking part in the funeral service I was thinking how time flies fast.. My grandma - my aunt's mother who lived 91 - always told me that "life is as short as opening and closing door" now I know it is definitely true.
She loves music and her favourite composer was famous Polish composer Chopin.  So during ceremony Funeral March by Chopin was played. So I am sure my aunt would be happy.

Thank you sharing your life with us....

In this church my aunt was christened in 1931 on 26 th December and today it was her funeral service.



  1. Sad time for you and your family.
    Good to remember the lovely things in life.

  2. Your grandmother has wise words. Life does go by all too quickly.

    1. Oh yes we live too short and only once what a pity