Saturday, 3 January 2015

Is it a different climate zone? - trip to Katowice

3rd January 2015

Yesterday in the evening we came back from our summer house and it turns out here in Upper Silesia ( 256 km from our temporary house) the weather is completely different 4 C degrees and no any snow, It looks like spring. And what is more according weather forecast it is going to be 2-4 C degrees til 15th January . So it means another unusual winter so I love this weather. Today we were driving to Katowice for New Year's Sale. My daughter wants to buy some new clothes because she got extra money for Christmas from grandparents. We did great shopping blouses, sweaters and some food.

On the way to Katowice (which is a big city about 400 000 people live here - at my hometown 150 000 ) I took some photos from the car. 

 The traffic wasn't heavy because it is weekend. At 2p.m.

 Typical apartments where 99% people live here, me too..

The biggest bank in Europe ING..

 The Silesian Orchestra. The most modern building in Europe which was opened last October

The Christmas tree next to the shopping centre and railway station..

So as you can see it is our winter....


  1. welcome back to warmer temperatures!

  2. So warm for winter. It is snowing here!

  3. Although I live in an apartment block like yours, most people here live in free standing houses. It doesn't look cold at all in Poland now.

    1. Andrew, last years winters in Poland are mild and comfiortable only ald people rembember that sometimes were mild winters but mailnly were vere severe. Since 2000 only once was very hard and long winter..

  4. It's amazing in a short distance how the weather can change.
    It's good to take photos from inside the car whilst travelling, as you get scenes you wouldn't not normally get.

  5. That's a pretty impressive tree! Enjoyed your shots of the town!