Thursday, 26 November 2015

Fences make good neighbours..

26th November 2015

At my summer place each owner of the house own fence. The fences are different cheap and expensive but all are interesting..

It is a new fance which has been installed lately.

Have a nice Friday!!


  1. Good selection of fences in this post

  2. Replies
    1. yes you are right world is interesting because is varied

  3. Hi Gosia
    Interesting fences.
    Now in the Hunter Valley wine area of NSW for the wedding in 4 hours time.
    Yesterday the outside temperature hit 45 Celsius - the dry heat. And the accompanying winds made it feel as if coming straight out of a furnace.
    I put the A/c in my room onto frigid - however a cool change arrived about 6.00 pm
    and the tempertures plummeted. When I went to my room last night - I thought I was in a freezer room - the A/c was turned OFF! ha ha.
    Today I moved into a villa complex doubled roomed accommodation. The max. today for the wedding is - 21 celsius - how's that for a 24 hour weather variety????
    All is going great - fine foods, wines and amenities. The golfers are out in force.
    Now off to dress for the big day for my last unmarried neice, Ashley, or nephew.
    Nephews are all married and tomorrow after reception tonight will finalise this wedding event with a BBQ here.
    Then off to Sydney.

    1. Colin I believe you have had a great time. But the temperature is too high for me and I think I could not survive it. I would like to try some Aussie food I think is tasty and different from Polish one.

  4. Hi Gosia, interesting collection of fences. Have a lovely day!

  5. Enjoyed the variety of fences and homes!

  6. Some people like us don't have front fences.
    We have side and back fence.

    1. Margaret in Europe that style is not popular. Owners prefer fences around the property

  7. Hello Gosia, wonderful collection of fences! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!