Saturday, 18 February 2017

Nature is cruel

18th February 2017

I am in the mountains where is winter and cold weather but suitable for skiing. In morning at 8 am. I noticed a bird  in the garden and it turned out it was a hawk. The hawk was killing a small bird. As a person who lives in a big city it was so terrible and awful situation for me. But life must go and each creature wants to survive in the nature.. It is a law of nature.

 The hawk had a small bird under his feet..


  1. Sad but as you say, it is nature. Be careful when skiing.

  2. It's sad for the small bird, but a glad thing for the hawk, who now gets to eat. It took me a long time to realize nature is not cruel so much as it is starkly real.

    Enjoy your skiing, and stay safe!

  3. The circle of life... But I'd rather not see it... As I eat my chicken dinner!

  4. Nature is balanced until humans interfere.