Monday, 6 February 2017

Spring is coming so the work is in progress

6th February 2017

We have snowy, cloudy wintry weather but despite it firefighters cut some branches down in the morning. Definitely a tree was too high and situated near the house. The situation was dangerous especially when a strong wind blows because tree could damage a house.

My friend's garden. Photo was taken yesterday..


  1. Still lots of snow! The firefighters do a great job keeping homes safe.

  2. Everything is still covered with snow. I'm excited to see the flowers bloom in Spring.

  3. Firefighters are wonderful folk.
    Your friend's garden looks gorgeous.

  4. When I look out my window I have to wonder when spring is coming to NorthIdaho.
    Coffee is on

  5. You do have lots of snow! Firemen don't trim trees here. We are still waiting for a tree service to take out some large limbs from the hurricane last fall. I think we must be getting close to the top of their list!