Thursday, 19 March 2015

Fences in Gdańsk by the Baltic Sea..

19th March 2015

All photos were taken in Gdansk by the Baltic Sea. They show different types of fences..

The fence on the Vistula River.

 The old houses surrounded by fences. These houses came from 19th century and they were built in Prussian style..
Ant the wooden fence which is very old ... but well kept. The house from the beginning 20th  century in Gdansk which has belonged to Germany forcenturies..


  1. i like the last one. the fence matches the house well! thanks, gosia!

  2. The construction of the last house with the exposed wooden beams is interesting.

  3. I like how the wire in the gate of #3 is completely different than the other fence around it.

  4. I like the wooden fencing in the last picture.