Friday, 13 March 2015

Sky in the different seasons

13th March 2015

The sky at my place is different in each season. I my opinion the best sky is in summer. It looks fantastic.

 Sky in August on my way to the seaside.
 Sky in May..

Sky in September

 Sky in October
 Sky in November..

Sky in January

Sky in February.

So which view is the most beautiful???


  1. there is something good about each season. :)

  2. The sky is beautiful even when it is storming. Some good pictures of other items along the way.

  3. l love seeing the skies with clouds at sunrise or sunset. Then again, I like it best when there are rainbows.

  4. The sky reviews the beauty of every season...I love them all. They are never the same, always changing.

  5. lovely to see the sky in different seasons

  6. The sky is always good to look at, it's forever changing...I like all the skies in your photos.

  7. Nice series, Gosia! I'm a firm believer that the sky can make or break a photo.