Thursday, 5 March 2015

The old radio..

5th March 2015

As I was a small child my grandparents had the radio. It was exactly the same as in the photo below. Now when I look at that photo Iam  surprised how the world has changed since 1970s when I was a small girl. Now it is a digital era. And last year when we met across this device in my granparents' attic my 15 year old daughter didn't know what it was? It is obvious Kate my daughter has grown up at home where computer was present since she was a newborn. It is funny for her we didn't have the Internet when I was a girl. And she asked me. What did you do in your childhood. I have answered We were playing in the playground. So the answer .... What a boring life you had. Really?

Our lifestyle was different from hers. But happy one..


  1. technology changes so quickly. :)

    1. I remember sitting around the radio and listening to "The Lone Ranger" and "The Shadow Knows", and other special programs. We were too busy playing outside to listen to the radio much. Life was good.

  2. Entertainment for kids has changed a lot since we were small and I think kids miss out on a lot of the simpler things that we had fun doing. Everything is organized for them whereas we had to use our imagination.

  3. Now that's a big step back in time!

  4. It is amazing how times have changed!

  5. Goodness I forgot about that type of radio. Very different world these days with people changing the way we live and the technology that is available to us.

  6. Oh yes, my uncle has one exactly like the one in your picture. That was our entertainment at that time.