Sunday, 27 September 2015

Homelessness in my city

27th September 2015

Today was Sunday. The weather cools down but despite it was a nice autumn day. It was a typical Sunday as usual cooking dinner, spending time with my family, correcting tests and a lot of paperwork.
I walk my dog the same way every Sunday so I always observe the shelter for homeless men which is situated next to the road in the garden. And at that time I think why those men are homeless .. Probably they lost their work or they are divorced or take drugs or are positive HIV, who knows?. There are so many reasons when you can become homeless.  My city help those homeless men so they can stay in the shelter since 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. and get free supper and breakfast. They also can have a shower and a bed for night. Now there are not too many men there because the weather is friendly but in the winter the shelter is crowded.

There is a shelter behind the fence..

Contemporary world is not fair why in 21st century a lot of people are homeless...


  1. a problem in any populated area, sadly.

  2. A situation that seems to have no solution!

    1. Pat you are to find solution is almost impossible

  3. A world wide problem with really no answers.
    Some of these people just choose that way of life, others
    it has been forced upon by the unscrupulous, others through
    drugs (no sympathy for this lot from me) and the reasons go on.

    Gosia - don't blame the 21st Century - this has been going on
    since time immemorial. The animal kingdom kicks out members
    of the herd, pack etc etc - the misfits to the group or the aged, the
    sick, the lame etc etc.
    It is just the rule of nature.

    1. Colin homelessness isthe real problem here especially in big cities

  4. It is good that the city gives them shelter. Do you see many people living on the streets there, like in most western cities?

    1. Andrew there are a lot of them here walking street begging for food, and so on...But police is control street very carefully.. I the past they slept in the railway stations now is forbbiden..At my summer place there aren't any..