Monday, 19 September 2016

The red cow

20th September 2016

In the South East of Poland there are only very little farms where farmers grow some vegetables and some chickens mainly and cows are not very common here. This part of country is popular with tourists and unemployment is so high so mainly senior citizens live here young people live in big cities where are better opportunities for work and education.
Big farms are in the North of Poland where my cousin lives.

One day walking my dog I came across a red cow which is very popular here. In North of Poland thee are only black cows..

I love greenery in the countryside... In October all will be yellow..


  1. I have enjoyed my trip to the farm with you, it looks very peaceful with the red cow and the green grass waiting for winters turn!
    Enjoy the greenery whilst you can!
    Wren x

  2. Most of our cows are black and white too I think. I wonder when it changed....

  3. We had a lovely red cow on our farm when I was growing up & she had twin calves too!
    Lovely countryside!

  4. The cow in the picture is a Brown Holstein Friesan.
    They are a dairy (milk) breed and originated in
    Northern Holland, Friesland and Schleswig-Holstein in
    Northern Germany.
    I think Gosia you would see plenty of this breed in Poland.
    The Black and White of this breed are just called Friesans.
    The breed is very adaptable to cold weather conditions but
    I reckon in the Northern European winters, they would be put
    into barns especially during the nights or in blizzard conditions.

  5. We have both cows here. Your countryside is so nice.

  6. That's a neat-looking row of trees. We have plenty of cattle around here. I think black cattle (Angus) are most common. Sometimes there are some brown ones though. And the dairies have Holsteins.

  7. I don't think I have seen a red cow before but we have plenty of brown cows here.

  8. so beautiful n mystical.. that red cow reminded me one funny that time my son was very little.. we were moving, and he was sitting more that 6 hours in car and totally pissed off.. to divert his mind, I tried to show him some cows far away on the mountain, and he couldn't see any of them as the car passed too soon, and he got totally mad...

  9. Black and white cows are "a dime a dozen" around here, and a red and white cow is much prettier.