Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Cinnamon shops

6th August 2014

Malbork is not only famous for its castle but it is very interesting and welcoming town. I loved walking there. 
There is one more attraction here Cinnamon shops.  Those shops were opened in February 2014. They are very interesting because they offer products which they were available in Poland before WWII. All products are homemade and very tasty but I can't say they are cheap. 

Homemade bread

Great vehicle!!!

Castle destination

Funny train

 Nogat River - in the background Malbork
Wide choice of vodka!!!!

A taxi

Streets of Malbork

A Fountain in the centre of town.

Statue of Casimir IV Jagiellon in Malbork

Cinnamon shops

you can buy here the tasty beer- Cheers!!!

Just Malbork- historical town and modern one.

Thanks for visiting


  1. Vodka! Beer! :)
    Cinnamon :(

    The fountain is great for children on a hot day.

    1. Did you taste Polish vodka ? It is great. Believe me. You must try beer ,too

  2. It looks lovely - beautiful spot.
    I love those fountains, it's so lively seeing children play in them (and some grown-ups too on hot days)

  3. I would love to have some of the delicious looking bread!

  4. The fountain looks neat! Very interesting to see photos of the town!

  5. It is very nice town in the summer . Believe me. Greetings from Europe.

  6. I like seeing the old bread truck and the other old vehicles. Pretty town.

    1. I have bought the bread delicious. It was baked according to recipe which was used before WWI.