Friday, 22 August 2014

The Museum of Folk Architecture - my lovely photos

22nd August 2014

Museum of Folk Architecture so if you want to visit all house you must spend all day. But definitely it is worth sightseeing.

It is the most numerously visited cultural establishment in Podkarpacie province – every year tourists from Poland and tens foreign countries come to visit the open air museum.
Over the last years it can be observed a distinct increase in individual tourism, mainly family one (about 50% of whole touring). For many people who spend holidays and weekends in Bieszczady mountains or Low Beskidas, visiting our Etnographic Park very often becomes one of the main destinations of organized excursions. The Open Air Museum has been gaining more and more popularity among businessmen as well as foreign tourists who visit south-east Poland. Attendance is at the level of 82 000 tourists in the last few years.

 My new villa

At the tailor's

 The smithy
The toilets are modern inside and open to visitors



  1. A great place & must be huge the whole complex.

  2. Enjoyed the photo of the smithy! This looks like the kind of place I would totally enjoy visiting!

  3. Interesting post.

    Have a nice day- Cath.