Sunday, 17 August 2014

Different places - different styles

17th August 2014

At my place there are a lot of churches mainly Roman-Catholic because most of my society belongs to this church. In each town or city you can find churches of different styles. Some of them are the old ones but some are the new ones.

Today I visited the Museum of Folk Architecture in Sanok. Sanok is located 45 kilometres from my place. This museum was established in 1966 it is the largest open -air museum in my country. The first four photos present Churches which are located in this museum. All these churches date back from 18th century and they are made of wood.

The Museum of Folk Architecture in Sanok . My friends in the photo

Roman Catholic church in my hometown . It was built in 1925.

Church in Krosno

Krosno -in the background Holy Trinity Church

The Franciscas Church

The chapel in Franciscans Church
I love visiting churches especially in the summer because they are cool during heat.



  1. lots of beautiful churches! love the old wooden ones!

    (and so glad you did away with the google+ comment type!)

  2. Thanks, I did it by mistake. Sorry. You are welcome again.

  3. I like the timber churches. It is amazing that they are so old and yet in good condition.

  4. The churches are all so pretty.

  5. Enjoyed the photos of the churches! Neat architecture!

  6. The wooden Churches not painted are very different to what we have down here.
    The other ones are lovely.

  7. The churches you pictured are beautiful, but I especially like the wooden churches in the museum.