Friday, 8 August 2014

Landscapes of Poland

8th August 2014

While we were driving to tricity ( Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot) I took some photos the interesting ones and some boring ones. The journey took us about 8 hours - it is 650 kilometres from south-east Poland to north part of my country.

Medical University in Gdansk
Each roads leads to the beach at the Baltic Sea.

Sopot Pier

Streetrs of Gdynia

Welcome in tricity

Trams in Gdansk - my favourite means of transport . They are cheap and comfortable and what's more they include AC - perfect idea during hot summer.

Landscape from motorway. Half journey - to Gdansk

Countryside landscape - at my cousin's village

My cousin's garden. 

Big farm

Small town in the centre in Poland

Countryside road surrounded by birch trees

Train in Sopot

Lodz - one of the biggest city of Poland - located in the centre of Poland

Lodz a big block of flats.

Trip was nice so I think we would like to come back next year and see much more interesting places here.

Have a nice weekend

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  1. the trams are pretty neat! i like the blue skies!

  2. Good to hear that new trams have air conditioning. Many in Europe do not. Back to work soon for you I think.

    1. Andrew, AC is comfortable but unfortunately my Silesian trams don't have it.We officially start school year always 1st September every year. But teachers have to be at school since the last week of August because we have training session ans must prepare our classroom for the new school year. So two wonderful weeks of holidays and BBQ , short trips, beer under the stars...... Paradise

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    1. I shall write my comment again :)
      The A/C tram looks interesting and to keep it's passengers cooler in your summer heat.
      The drive you did is interesting and I had no idea how far it was from one end of Poland to the other.

    2. Poland is not a big country comparing to yours.(312 679 km²) the ninth country in Europe and 70th country in the world. But the farthest point in Poland is Swinoujscie is over 800 km there.

  4. I am liking so far all your info and pictures on your blogs. I plan to add you.
    I like to see other places of interest like yours. Drop into my blog and look around. We can be new friends of water and land..I am in Canada. In a wee town of Highlands, Country.

  5. I would love to see Poland some day. You've shown us such beautiful places.