Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Globetrotter from Latvia

27th August 2014

Today was another cloudy day but it didn't rain so I could walk in the main street of my city.
While I was walking I did photos of the old houses located in the street.

His vehicle..
Latvian wanderer
Good luck. Brave Man....

While I was walking I noticed the elderly man. And it turned out he is a globetrotter from Latvia. He is going to explore Europe using his bike which can you see. In my opinion he is a brave man. He was sitting and feeding city pigeons and additionally collecting extra money for his challenge. He is 74 - amazing age for riding a bike across the continent. Fantastic man!! So brave.
The railway station.

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  1. wow, may he have an adventure of a lifetime and remain safe, meeting only kindness.

  2. Enjoyed the photos! Wow, 74 is quite old to bike across Europe; he must be young at heart! Wishing him the best and traveling mercies on his journey!

  3. I enjoyed the details on the old buildings. Too bad the traveller doesn't have a blog - imagine how interesting it would be! I hope he has a wonderful adventure.

    1. Yes you are right but his English is weak and he is not so rich to own modern gadgets. I have talked with him.

  4. The photos are lovely.
    The man, good on him for traveling via his bike.