Monday, 11 August 2014

Tobacco plant

11th August 2014

While I was visiting my cousin (who lives near Torun ) I saw the tobacco plant. I have never seen this plant before, Why ?. Because the tobacco plant is mainly cultivated in north and east Poland. So had not seen this plant before where I live. Firstly when I had noticed this plant I thought "what a beautiful flower" but when I asked my cousin it turned out it is a tobacco plant. My cousin Teresa cultivates the tobacco, too. Cultivating this plant means  making a lot of money. But in my opinion it is not fair business. Personally I don't smoke and nobody in my family. But most people do.

Tobacco contains the alkaloid nicotine, a stimulant. Tobacco use is a risk factor for diseases affecting the heartliver and lungs

My cousin's tobacco plant.

Flowers are lovely. 

Definitely smoking is unhealthy but tobacco plant is beautiful.

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  1. i have never seen the plant in person - the flowers are neat.

  2. I once lived in North Carolina, which is a BIG producer of tobacco. I remember how the plants looked and smelled. Like you, I do not smoke but it is interesting to watch the tobacco being harvested.

  3. I didn't know tobacco grows Poland. I too don't smoke.

  4. Never seen a tobacco plantation.
    I don't smoke either..

  5. I've seen tobacco growing in the Southern United States. It does have misleadingly beautiful flowers.

  6. Your right flowers are pretty and interesting big leaves. My family do not smoke. We chose not too or my hubby.

  7. It's too bad that people long ago did not know how bad tobacco was. It's too bad that people nowadays know, and yet they still smoke.