Tuesday, 16 August 2016

St. John of dukla's Hermitage

17th August 2016

So on Monday I was in the hermitafe of Saint John from Dukla. The place is located above the sea level in the moddle of unspoilt wood. I was only once there before about 10 years ago. So I decided to go again. Last time I wasn't able to see the small church inside..

It is a hut where John lived. Tomorrow photos with hut..

St John of Dukla’s Hermitage lies on the Zaspit’s Hill. An asphalt road from Trzciana takes you to a parking space near forest. Then you have to walk about 300m before you reach the hermitage.

The place was founded in 1769. Now the hermitage includes a stone chapel from 1908, "a house of a hermit" , and a cave with spring . A red track called "Eastern Beskid" runs nearby and leads to Chyrowa and Katy. A green track goes to the south towards Barwinek and Zyndranowa. There is one more route – Papal Route . 

According to folk stories and oral tradition, St John of Dukla was born in 1414. In his youth he led a solitary lifestyle in forest areas (e.g. the Zaspit’s Hill). About 1435 John joined the Franciscans. In 1463 he joined Order of Friars Minor. During his stay in Lvov he gained fame of a remarkable preacher. He died in 1484 in Lvov. In 1773 John of Dukla was officially beatified. The pope John Paul II during his visit in Dukla in 1997 canonized him. Nowadays festive fairs are organized on second Saturday and Sunday of each July.


  1. amazing. from the outside the place looks quite worn out but inside it's so well kept

  2. The view across the forest and mountains in your first photo is beautiful!

  3. Beautiful view in the first photo. I like the look of the church's exterior and lovely paintings about the John's hut.

  4. Beautiful paintings and the interior too. Good Day.

  5. Interesting history.
    The little church/chapel is a treasure.
    We have a small chapel here in Brisbane next to
    the Cathedral. It has a strange and I mean strange - add
    very - wooden sculpture in it of Australia's first and
    only saint - St. Mary McKillop of the Cross.
    Well worth a google of this person, she defied ROME at one
    stage. I think it was your Polish Pope who canonised her.

  6. An interesting piece of history. Love the old old church.

  7. What a neat little chapel! It's interesting how the interior is so ornate--enjoyed seeing the paintings/murals.