Saturday, 15 November 2014

Izabela Chamber in Salt Mine Wieliczka

15th November 2014

The Izabela Chamber is the only excavation accessible to tourists carved in a deposit of pure bedded salt. The chamber possesses extraordinary geological features; on the wall one can notice the depositions running towards the south. This confirm theory of the impact orogenetic process the Carpathian Mountains on the forming of the Wieliczka deposit. 

The chamber is used for temporary exhibitions.

Izabela Chamber
Look at the previous post which it is a short you tube presentation of Salt Mine,,,,



  1. a truly unique art exhibit site.

    (yes, the two horses are mine.)

  2. The salt mine is extraordinary! It must be very large! After each post I think, "This is neat!" but I would never expect so many neat things to be in one mine!

  3. I agree with Bethany that I can't believe there are so many stories to be told about the salt mines. This has been sooooo interesting.