Friday, 7 November 2014

Underground Rehabilitation and Treatment Centre in Salt Mine Wieliczka

8th November 2014

Treatment takes place on  Level 3 of the mine, 135 metres underground, in the saline Chamber Lake Wessel and Eastern Mountains' Stable and it is conducted in the form of ambulatory and complex stays paid by patients or based on a physician's prescribed order in compliance with the  Polish NHS.

The specific method of treatment is based on the impact of the underground microclimate of the saline chambers on the human body.
As the one and only in Poland,and among the few worldwide, Underground Rehabilitation and Treatment Centre implements active rehabilitation based on modern breathing exercises in the specific microclimate of the saline excavations, which includes breathing control techniques, training respiratory system muscles, and bronchial tree cleansing.

A fundamental role in the treatment process is played by the mine's unique climate which is:
  • pure and lack of bacteria
  • rich in microelements
  • lack of alergens and pollution which exists on the earth surface
  • isolation from external factors
  • stable low temperature
  • high humidity.
Rooms are located on the ground surface.

So packed your luggage and come. 


  1. Quite advanced treatment but I think I might like to stay elsewhere in Poland.

    1. Andrew, now problem next time when you are going visit Europe write to me earlier and I will organize a fantastic place for you..

  2. My goodness, never heard of that.

  3. I've been suffering with headaches and sneezing from allergies and a sinus infection, so I'm packing my bags. Sounds incredible!

    1. Me too, and I was there 2 weeks and I was in a great condition for 8 years now I should come back because I am allergic to dust and I live in a big conurbation, Autumn is the worst season for me..

  4. Un luogo meraviglioso, mai visto !