Sunday, 16 November 2014

The last Chapel of Saint John in Salt Mine Wieliczka

16th November 2014

Today I would like to present the last Chapel which exists in Salt Mine as you can see there are 5 there so it means it was very important place for miners who had worked there. Definitely it was very hard work we could not imagine how it looked many centuries ago so they trusted in God the only Hope..

The Chapel of Saint John was first located on Level I 64 metres below ground level. In 2005 was transferred to its present location on Level III (135 metres below level ground) and following restoration became of of the chambers visited along the tourist route. The new location and conservation works saved the chapel from complete destruction and oblivion allowing visitors to admire its beauty.
Two inscriptions testify the year of its foundation and the name of chapel's builders "Lepiarski built this chapel in the 1859 and Steiger painted in in 1859"
According to some visitors it is the most beautiful chapel here...

It is a great place for wedding...

The chapel has a semi- circular wooden dome partially set in the saline wall. The polychrome on the ceiling presents God the Father and Son in the clouds.

In the main there is a crucifix, and behind it is a polychrome presenting an ideological image of Jerusalem.
The chapel's decor and interior design can be traced back to the temples of the Reformed Franciscans..


  1. Amazing place. Underground church wedding. Magnificent isn't it? Solemn, private and quite magical.

  2. How very lovely!
    So glad you shared the history.

  3. That is a very beautiful chapel...looks like a neat place to be married!

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