Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Kunegunda Longitudinal in Salt Mine in Wieliczka

4th November 2014

The first traces of salt production in the area of Wieliczka are the oldest in European date back the the Neolithic period. ( 4 000 b.c) . As early as 6 thousand years ago people living in the area of Wieliczka not only tended to their farm land and animals but also produced salt. They obtained salt by evaporating brine drawn from saline springs.

Longitudinal Kunegunda. You can find here a lot of dwarfs...

The production of salt from brine was continued even discovering the first deposit of rock salt .Salt-making was stopped in 1724.

In 2003 a moden underground saline waters utilisation plant was opened. The plant took over the function of the almost 100 year old salt works.


  1. I am thinking maybe rock salt was nicer than utilised saline water salt. Or is salt is salt is salt.

  2. I'm wondering, why dwarves? Wow, 4,000 BC is a long time ago.

    1. Because dwarves are small creatures who take care of miners..

  3. amazing to think of a process like that from so long ago.

  4. The colors on the salt sculpture are lovely.

  5. The colurs do look so lovely and no doubt more so in person.