Thursday, 13 November 2014

The oldest European Salt Mine is here - in Wieliczka

14th November 2014

Today in the morning I have read an article in the magazine which strongly recommended visiting this place as the unique in Europe where is the oldest salt mine in Europe.  It is one of the best place where you can see heritage of mankind .... which has survived in a great condition.

Warszawa Chamber ( Warsaw Chamber) was exploited in the 19th century excavating approximately 20,000 tons of salt. In 1951 a statue presenting miners was placed in chamber.
The chamber arrangement was changed between 2003 and 2004. Impressive chandeliers were installed in the chamber. A modern relief was carved on the northern side wall by Wieliczka miners.
A bar serving drinks and snacks was opened in the corner of the chamber. A decorative oak parquet floor was laid in mezzanine. The whole interior decor is brown. The impressive size of the chamber and picturesque interior create an excellent venue for organising concerts, balls, banquets, training courses and conferences.

Customers reserve the chamber for various events:dance tournaments, New Year's Eve balls.

Various celebrities have also confirmed their visit to the mine in the guest book, including also the King of Belgium Prince Edward and NATO Secretary General.

The undergrounds of the mine were also visited by the presidents of the USA, Lithuania, Ukraine, Georgia, Germany, France and so on...

An excellent Polish cuisine and modern technical facilities guarantee that every event organised in the mine is unforgettable experience..

So what about party here...


  1. Oh wow! That is quite the impressive chamber, so large and beautiful!

  2. What a fabulous place for a big party!

  3. What an amazing place - great lighting as well, very interesting, it's a lot of salt to have on the table :)
    Wren x