Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Wiemar Chamber in Salt Mine in Wieliczka

13th November 2014

We are in the middle of our underground trip in salt mine. This route is very interesting and amazing one in my opinion. Salt Mine was very famous in the previous centuries. So in 1790 Goethe -well known German poet visited it. In 1790 Goethe  accompanied the Prince of Weimar in his visit of the Wieliczka Mine. The great poet was 40 years old then and was at that time working on the first part of "Faust".Apart from being a man of literature , he also held many state positions, at hat time, one of them was being responsible for the mines of the Weimar Republic, therefore his visit to Wieliczka.

The Weimar Chamber

The monument of Goethe sculpted in 2001 stands at the entrance to the chamber.


  1. Very neat chamber and awesome reflections!

  2. An interesting tour - but I have trouble being underground any sooner than I have to!

  3. Gosia, this tour keeps taking unusual turns and shows us yet a magnificent spot for a photo.