Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The Treasurer in Salt Mine in Wieliczka

12th November 2014

The Treasurer or as others call him , the Warden, is a legendary figure of mine's tales. He is a guardian of the salt treasure in Wieliczka. The ruler of Wieliczka undergrounds shows himself to visitors in a recess carved out in Poniatowski traverse. For ages miners believed in a good spirit of the mine who has always warned them of imminent dangers such as a fire, a collapse, or a methane explosion.

If "he" Treasurer" appeared in a particular area of the mine, then immediately miners used to leave that area to a safe location.

A composition presenting such a meeting of the Treasurer with Wieliczka miners was sculptured by miners -sculptors  in 1968.

The Treasurer - the VIP in salt mine...


  1. That's interesting. Good someone was looking outcfor the miners.

  2. This whole series of photos of the salt mines and the history have been fascinating. One of the reasons I love my blog buddies!

    1. Linda thank you very much . It will be continue..

  3. A good one to have looking out for you!

  4. Interesting tale and lovely photos.

  5. It's interesting that the miners were the ones to do the sculptures. They are very nice.