Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Dinner in Cafe Kattowitz.

3rd November 2016

Cafe Kattowitz is located in the house which was built in 1897.  It is a typical cafe in Vienna style. Decorations and furniture dates back from 1890 -1920 when the original name of the city was Kattowitz and Germany was here. I can admit that cafe is not cheap but food and staff are fantastic. Definitely worth visiting with family or invite some guests. 

Our dinner..yummy

And dessert

Typical Silesian dinner which we usually have on Sundays..

The old postcard from Kattowitz

Eating here is a pleasure. Believe me..


  1. Looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing your visit.

  2. Everything looks delicious! Was it a special occasion?

  3. From what you posted yesterday I thought it looked like a Viennese cafe. There is at least one similar one in Budapest.

  4. It looks good. And good food is worth paying for.

  5. the food look so mouth watering. Wish I can have a bite