Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Golf course near my apartment.

September 16th 2014

On Sunday I was walking with my family and we visited the golf course. The golf course is about 800 metres from my apartment. It is new. It was built by Armada Development on the site where in the past was the Coal Mine. Now this place is completely different because there is the golf course and and a lot of new houses were built. So now you can spend your free time playing golf. Fantastic experience.

What about playing at my place. You are invited.


  1. Great idea to reclaim the land for something useful. Golf courses attract a lot of money in the US.

  2. Looks like a nice course with the lovely pond! I don't play golf, but I'd enjoy the scenery!

  3. I enjoyed it very much when I lived near a golf course. Even though I don't play the game, it made for lovely evening walks.

  4. Great pond and tee there. Is it wonderful to use reuse the land...

  5. Are you going to take up golf, since the course is nearby? I've tried it, but not my cup of tea!

    1. Not it is not my sup of tea. I have tried twice.