Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Museum of Bread and curiosities

30th September 2014

Today in the afternoon with my European friends I have visited the Museum of Bread and Curiosities.It is located in small town Radzionkow.  It is very interesting place for everybody you can see a lot of different stuff from the past and  you can bake a roll yourself. It is very nice experience to know how our ancestors baked bread and rolls.

Italian team my favourite. Thanks for a great day together.

It is very important photo. There is on the wall in Museum of Bread and curiosities in Radzionkow. This is one of the first colourful photo in the world. It was taken in 1919 by a photographer who later emigrated to the US. Unfortunately we don't know his/her name. 

In the photo you can see a small blond girl.Can you believe this girl now is 99. And he celebrated her birthday last year. She recognised herself during her visit in the museum. 

Thanks for visiting


  1. wow, that photo and the fact that the young girl is still alive - neat piece of history!

  2. I love the natural wood stairway with the peeled branches used for the railing. It's beautiful.

  3. Very neat color photo, and an interesting museum!

  4. That is too remarkable! What fun for the little girl, now an older woman to recognize herself!

  5. Goodness me,that is a wonderful tale regarding that photo. It looks lovely, as does the museum. Fun to see how the women did things in the house years ago, they knew no other way.

    1. Yes many of the items I didn't meet before.

  6. I love touring your hometown with you. It is a beautiful country and the cities are lovely. History adds to the richness of the story and I'm sure the life of the people.