Monday, 29 September 2014

Trip to Katowice with my Italian friends

29th September 2014

I am very busy lately because at my school I am coordinator of Comenius Project ( it is international project). Since 27th September to 4th October we host 6 European countries at my school 
( Germany., Italy, Spain, Romania and Turkey). On Saturday arrived our partner school from Italy
 ( Sicily - Racalmuto).  The rule in Comenius Project is students stay at Polish families and teachers at the Hotel. It was great and unique Sunday which I spent with my Italian friends ( teachers Concetta - English teacher and Sergio - history teacher). 
We visited a lot of interesting places in Katowice. It was their first time in my country and they were very surprised what a developed modern city Katowice is. 
Academic Library in Katowice

Silesian University in Katowice

In the background The Altus Hotel

University of Silesia

Harley in front of Protestant Cathedral

Protestant Cathedral in Katowice

Colours of autumn

Flower Bed

Our lunch




Concetta and Sergio

It was a fantastic Italian Day.

Thank you very much

Next year I am going to visit Sicily maybe??


  1. Funny sculpture of the man playing the guitar. Lunch looks delicious.

  2. how wonderful to host international students and teachers! very nice!

  3. Grazie Margaret, la tua città è stupenda. Modernissima. Si mangia molto bene. Consiglio ai miei amici italiani di visitare Katovice e la Slesia.La Polonia è una bella nazione. Sergio Scimè, docente e blogger Regalpetra libera Racalmuto. (Sicilia)

  4. This certainly looks like a lovely place to visit. I can't even imagine how busy you must be with the international students and teachers. Hope you will be able to share some of your experiences with us!

  5. It looks like you gave them a lovely tour, Gosia. And Sicily for you next year sounds like a great opportunity.
    That food looks so good!

  6. The Protestant Cathedral looks fascinating, and the flower bed looks beautiful! Looks like you make an excellent tour guide!

  7. The photos are really lovely....that is wonderful you get to know others from different countries from your work..

  8. What a great tour! And I only got to see it in photos. One of my oldest and dearest friends lives in Sicily. Would so love to get there for a visit this year. From here, I'd have to fly up to Rome and back down again. It would be a straight shot by jet-ski!

  9. A great tour! I like the musician on a wire!

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  11. How wonderful to live in Europe where you're able to travel to different countries more easily. Living in Hawaii makes it harder to travel.

  12. Such a vibrant city. The library looks awesome. Would love to read some of the books. However, my favorite picture was the dessert. Yummy