Monday, 8 September 2014

The Heart of the city

8th September 2014

Katowice is located in Upper Silesia, which means it's changed hands many times in its long history. Originally inhabited by ethnic Silesians, it was ruled by the Polish Piast dynasty before falling into Czech hands in 1335, and then into the Hapsburg domain in 1526. The city of Katowice was founded in the 19th century, gaining city status in 1865. The city has a long history of being a multi-ethnic city, and its inhabitants consisted mainly of Poles, Germans, Jews, and Silesians. After the Industrial Revolution, the city became one of the largest centre of coal and steel production, and to this day is known as an industrial centre of Poland.

Roadworks.... next to the Saucer.

The Silesian Insurgents' Monument.The Monument which symbolizes Three Silesian Uprisings.  The monument was funded by the people of Warsaw for Upper Silesia.

The small park in the heart of busy city

The Cubus Hotel

University Campus The University of Silesia in Katowice conducts education and research. It offers undergraduate and masters programs, PhD studies, as well as postgraduatepostdoctoral research - habilitation, continuous education and training programs.

University of Silesia in Katowice has facilities in five cities in theregion: KatowiceSosnowiecCieszynChorzów and Rybnik. The majority of facilities are in Katowice; the main campus is in Katowice city center.
The university is in the center of a highly urbanized and ethnically complex region — the Metropolitan Association of Upper Silesia. Heavy industry is a significant influence, and ecological challenges are formidable. The university tries to maintain close links with local industries and Silesian traditions.

Department of Biology and Environmental Protection, Katowice

Comparing to my city Katowice is very very young but I love this busy, crazy city Because my private life is city-based. 

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  1. The University looks lovely, and all looks clean.

  2. Interesting to learn more about Katowice's history!

  3. I've enjoyed reading your posts about Katowice, the University, and the city itself. Interesting that you refer to it as a young city. Visiting in Poland brings back some lovely memories for me.

    1. Because Katowice was started in 1865 but my hometown is 760.

  4. I like that university and the monument too!