Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Lovely sunrise in my hometown.

10th September 2014much

Walking my dog on Sunday morning  I have had much more time to think how fast the time fly by. It is almost the next season. About the 120 days has left to the end of the year.
And the main question is living every day in the race rat - is so stupid because we don't know how many days remain us on the Earth?

The tamarack larch the tree which loses leaves in autumn. 

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  1. So many beautiful trees. They make one temporarily forget the rat race!

  2. True what you say. They trees are lovely, then most trees are.

  3. it is good that you stop to appreciate the beauty around you.

  4. Morning walks are so lovely. Thanks for sharing. That last picture of the tree...very unusual, don't think I've seen one.

    1. It is lovely I put it later in autumn when it will be yellow.

  5. Enjoyed the photos of the morning. True that we don't know how long we have left; we need to be always ready to go.