Friday, 26 September 2014

On the way to Upper Silesia

26 th September 2014

I love travelling especially long distances. I know some of you hate travelling. I love especially motorways. Motorways are boring because in my country you can see from car mainly forests. I love summer weather but this while we were travelling to home the weather was rainy but later has improved. 

Break - my dog loves it.

Highway to Silesia

Welcome in Katowice

And the last way to my hometown.

We are at last at home.

Thanks for visting


  1. we need rain, so these looked refreshing.

  2. Neat photos of the clouds and rain! Reminds me of some of our wild Midwestern storms.

  3. Not always fun driving in the rain.

  4. We could use some of that rain. It's very dry here.

  5. It looks there like it does here today - overcast and rainy!