Thursday, 25 September 2014

The old house and the new one

25th September 2014

Houses can be different. Some house were made from wood mainly in the previous centuries. In 20th century most of houses  were made of wood. They were comfortable but now wooden houses are very fashionable here but the most expensive ones.  In 1970s and 1980s houses were mainly built from concrete but I think living in this type of house it is not a good choice. I know that we live in mild climate but in the winter the weather is very severe and freezing. Concete house are very expensive to maintain.

I have found this beautiful house which which was built in 1901. Currently it is total ruin and full of old pots and jars.

The newest house. The concrete one. It is my neighbour's. It is a small place.

The local grocery shop but the supermarkets are the most fashionable. 

The concrete house which were built in 1970s.

The depot buildings from 1884. And its condition is so good

Houses are different but in my opinion the best are ones made from wood.


  1. Not many concrete houses here!

  2. The first house is delightful but it needs a lot of work. I hope someone takes on the project. Timber houses look warmer.

  3. i bet concrete homes would be good in storm / tornado areas! :)

  4. Yes that first house is very quaint. I agree with Tex: I think the concrete might be good in tornadoes!

  5. Enjoyed the photos of the various houses! The depot is in *amazing* shape for a building that old...and I think I would like to stop at the little local store; looks like a friendly place to shop!

  6. Very interesting pictures! The first house may be beyond a facelift.

  7. The first house looks intriguing. Never thought about why cement verses wood, but it certainly makes sense in what you say.