Monday, 22 September 2014

My garden

22nd September 2014

Today is the first day of autumn. It was rainy and cold day here in Upper Silesia. I hope so it will be sunny and colorful season.  On Saturday I cleaned my garden and I picked my first apples.

The wild garden located about 500 metres from my summer house

The centre of town

My apple tree

And my first fruit.

Cutting the grass.

My garden before cleaning...

My gladiolas have prepared to survive winter..

My colourful tree

Today is a sad anniversary for me. 22nd September in 1978 died my beloved grandmother of maternal side Mary Masztal who was born on 23rd September in 1902 in Manchester in the USA.
When she was died I was in the first grade. I was her only granddaughter. When I was born She was 71 but she was in a good shape so she took care of me to her death. I hope so one day I will visit her birthplace and house and elementary school where she studied and spent her childhood. Her life was amazing in the US and so hard in Poland. Why did she come back...?????? I believe I will find answers for a lot of question. RIP my grandma Mary.....

For my grandma Mary who loves walking in the forest. I believe we will meet again in better world!!!

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  1. I enjoyed looking at your pictures and those apples looks so delicious! I'm sorry to hear of your grandmother's passing. I hope you will have the chance to visit her birthplace some day.

  2. your grandmother must have returned for family. :) the apples look wonderful, and cold rainy day sounds great to me, too! we're still hot and dry in texas.

  3. That is a a nice tribute to your grandmother. Do the apples taste nice?

  4. My grandmother on my dad's side was such a very special lady. Great memories.

  5. The apples look beautiful and so does the town's centre.

  6. Really nice post, and photos that you shared. Sweet and sad story about your Grandmother.

  7. A lovely tribute, and your photos are so nice.

  8. Your grandmother must have been a lovely lady :)
    Your apples look lovely, what kind are they?

    1. My grandma was an angel to me but I don't remember her well I was 6. My apples are Idared.

  9. Nice apples! And exciting to grow them yourself, right?
    My grandma was very special to me, too, so I know the sadness you feel. Treasure your memories and think of those when you are missing her.

    1. My grandma was a treasure. But her death was horror to me I will write about it nevt time.