Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Mount of Liberation in Piekary Ślaskie

1st October 2014

On Monday on the first day of International Meeting in Piekary Śląskie all students and teachers visited the highest point in Piekary Śląskie - the Mount of  Liberation.
The mount of Liberation

View from the Mount

If the weather is sunny you will see the Beskidy Mountains which are 70 km from this unique place

Memorial Wall

There are two Mounts in Poland the first one here and the second one in Cracow which  is bigger

The Mound is one of the symbols of Piekary Śląskie. Everything started on 20.08.1930, on the tenth anniversary of the 2nd Silesian Uprising, during a gathering of the insurgents, commissioners and men of trust from the period of the plebiscite. The secretary of the Silesian Insurgents Association, Stanisław Mastalerz, resident of Piekary Śląskie and commander of one of the units during the uprisings, proposed that the monument may be in the form of a mound.

Mound specifications:
  • 356 m.a.s.l. – altitude
  • 20 m – height from base
  • 68 m – base diameter
  • 25 000 m3 – volume



    1. i am glad you are able to share these things with your visitors.

    2. Very unusual, certainly. I don't know much of the history of Poland, except to have been in Warsaw to see the sites there. Thanks for sharing this. The word 'uprising' was one of the words we heard there with our guide.

    3. Very nice view from the mount! Enjoyed the history!

    4. Very interesting. Is it in its natural state? Where the cars are parked looks like a ceremonial area.

    5. That's very interesting. Is the mound man made!

    6. Such a fascinating "mound monument."

    7. It's so nice to see all the photos of this place, which I knew nothing about!

    8. I don't think I've seen anything like this in Europe before. I think I've seen Native American mounds here in the U.S. It makes for a memorial to remember.

    9. Really interesting post the mound a man made monument?

    10. History of Poland is fascinating. How did name of Mount of Liberation come about? Really interested. Memorial wall is touching also.