Saturday, 25 October 2014

21st century - what about the bread?

25th October 2014

I love weekends because I don't have to go work and I can relax at home or go away. Every weekend while I walk with my dog I notice that our society is not poor anymore. Why because our housing estate waste-baskets are full of bread, food and fruit,vegetables. It became popular here people buy a lot of bread at weekdays but they don't eat it and on Fridays afternoon or on the Saturdays mornings. Is it bread cheap or expensive at my place. I can say it is rather cheap for me but some people earn less money than me. I know this part of my country is the richest one. But honestly I believe people shouldn't throw away so much bread because some people maybe not in my country but in others are hungry.

Breakfast ....... 

 "If you've got a lot of bread left over, then you can just freeze it." Maybe it is the solution..

 "Every time I go [through rubbish] there's different things in the bin, but bread definitely is the number one.

Birds are eating bread..

Some old people who remember the WWII and post war difficult times and communism express opinion it is a sin.  So some people use it for feeding birds and sometimes local farmers collect it for chickens. But the problem is I live in the biggest metropolis in Europe ( which includes 14 cities) so we don't have almost any farms here. I believe we should buy less bread because shops are open here everyday and the fresh bread is available.
In November is a long weekend - because it is The Independence Day in December is Christmas so the bins will be full.

It is very serious problem of our modern society.

Magpie is looking for delicious snack...


  1. well at least the birds are benefiting from the bread, Have a great weekend.

  2. Food wastage in general is so common now but the logistics of getting unwanted food to where it is needed and keeping if fresh are difficult.

  3. It is a shame people can be so wasteful.. We always freeze some bread, the loaves are so big.. I love the birds, glad they are not going hungry.. Thank you for linking up, have a happy weekend!

  4. Such a shame! Lots of food gets wasted every day!

  5. I hate to see food wasted, too. Too much food is a good problem to have, though. Much better than the alternative.

  6. I agree about not buying the bread if its not needed. There is sooooo much food wasted here in the USA and sometimes I feel its a sin too.

  7. A dumpster Diver for sure. We try to not fix more food than we need, but it seems any leftovers don't stay fresh very long. Thanks for the post.

  8. I don't like to see food wasted either, but that's life. It's good the birds can have a peck or more, that way Gods creatures get a feed.

  9. I see it both ways...a waste in good food, sure, but the wildlife are benefiting with it as they know how.

    Thanks for linking up this weekend at I'd Rather B Birdin'.

  10. I agree that wasting food is terrible, considering how many people are starving in the world. I freeze lots of extra food because I was taught not to waste. You have a great point but I wonder what the real answer is....