Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Theatre in Katowice and best jugglers are here

30th October 2014

I love going to the theatre but I am short of time as  usual. There are two theatres in Katowice the big one and the small one. This one is located in the heart of the city next to the Market Square which is renovated now. But I believe I will visit Theatre before Christmas..

It was built in 1907

Silesian Theatre Wyspianski in Katowice is the most dramatic scene in the area of Upper Silesia. Theater building was erected in 1907, designed by architect Carl Moritz. 
For 15 years it housed the German theater, in October 1922, after returning to the borders of Silesia, Polish, began his artistic activity in the Polish Theatre. 

Theatre serves as the national stage in Silesia. In the theater have a permanent place of work of Polish and international classics (Stage High), contemporary Polish dramas (Chamber Stage), theater performances also draw on the third stage - in the hall of initiation of the former Masonic lodge (The scene in the paint shop). 

Theatre has a wide range of international contacts. In recent years, presented his performances in various parts of Europe (Moscow, Lvov, Vilnius, Brussels, Stockholm, Vienna, Paris). 

As  know it is worth watching "Smashed" - you can see the best jugglers from Europe here. First time in Poland. Great idea.  .... why not..?


  1. Looks a nice theater from the outside. It's good that it's used.

  2. Love, love life theater. When we visited in Poland we saw Fiddler on the Roof, but I have no idea what theater we attended in Warsaw. It was magnificent!

  3. Neat view from the outdoors! Would be neat to watch the juggling!

  4. really great-looking building!

  5. It looks like an interesting old building and it would be fun to see the juggling show.

  6. what a grand building. juggling is so fascinating to watch.

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