Monday, 20 October 2014

Autumn leaves

20th October 2014

Autumn is at its peak landscape is lovely especially leaves. There are a lot of leaves under the trees and in the streets. Happily permanently I live in a big city so I don't have to rake leaves, But when I visit my summer house I have to do it but we have only one bid tree there and three small apple trees.  I think raking leaves can be pleasure from time to time. Our Silesian autumn is fantastic look at my cities which are more colourful now.

Katowice in sunny autumn day.

Park in Katowice in the heart of city

Cubus Hotel in Katowice

My hometown Bytom

Rainy Friday in Katowice

Golf course in my hometown. It is located 500 metres from my apartment.

Symbol of my place...

Sunny greetings from Silesia


  1. some beautiful colors coming in!

  2. Nice fall colors. If only they lasted longer!

  3. Gorgeous colours and a beaut sky.

  4. Gosia, the red tree and the yellow tree are my favorites of your photos, but also the sun with the tree.

  5. They are beautiful to look at, but raking leaves would not be a task I enjoy. I think I'll remain an apartment or condo dweller.

  6. Very nice photos. Autumn is the nicest time of the year where I live. Not too hot or cold, little wind and often clear sunny days.

  7. The trees have awesomely brilliant colors!