Saturday, 18 October 2014

The queen of Polish rivers The Vistula in Cracow

18th October 2014

One should have a look at Cracow from the perspective of the fortifications of the Wawel Castle.

At the foot of the hill, the Vistula River - the queen of the Polish rivers.

The Vistula flows lazily. The photos were taken on 2nd October 2014.

On the horizon we can see Kosciuszko Mound. It was modelled upon the prehistoric Cracovian mounds of Krak and Wanda and it is a symbolic tomb of national hero. In 1823, after three years of work - construction was completed.

Special symbolic value was added by the fact that soil brought from each battlefield where the general led the Polish army to fight for independence was used in the construction of the mound.

Greetings from Main Market Square. So it was the last post about the old capital of Poland. I believe I will come back here in spring.

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  1. A perfectly lovely place - beautiful photos!

  2. you need some sunshine ... looks very dark. maybe stormy even? ( :

  3. So the big hill in the background is a manmade one? It must have taken a lot of truckloads of dirt!
    Pretty river.

    1. It was hard work and a lot of people helped to do many volunteers and workers from place and from abroad < But they did it successfully.

  4. The Vistula looks beautiful! The mound has an interesting history; thanks for sharing it with us!