Sunday, 12 October 2014

Autumn is sunny and colourful at my place

12th October 2014

Autumn goes by very quickly as our life passes. As the leaves swirl down from the trees, I feel the need to cherish each one.  

This season, like life, goes by awfully fast so we must grab each moment and squeeze as much joy and delight from it as possible.   Fortunately in my city autumn is very hot and sunny. Since 15th September there was not any rain. Fantastic weather for walking and riding a bike it is better weather than it was in August.

View from the 10th floor.


  1. glad you have been able to enjoy a lovely autumn season!

  2. I agree -- autumn is the best biking season, except for the wind. It looks like a few of your trees are starting to turn colors. And then in no time at all, the leaves will be gone and the trees will be bare!

  3. Autumn is a beautiful season! Looks like you have some trees with lovely leaves!

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