Monday, 13 October 2014

The Dragon's Cave in Cracow

13th October 2014

Whilst walking around the Wawel Hill along the banks of the Vistula River, we will come across the Wawel Dragon, standing in front of the entrance to its cave. According to legend, the dragon used to plague the area during the Kong Krak's reign, he devoured cattle and lambs and particularly young virgins.

The sculpture of the dragon can be seen spouting fire every couple of minutes

None of the brave knights were able to defeat the dragon and all were killed. Hope emerged when a shoemaker called Skuba came to king with a clever plan for getting rid of this nuisance. He stuffed the lamb's skin with sulphur and placed it in the entrance to the den. The dragon greedily ate the lamb. Soon he felt a burning sensation in his stomach, And he started drinking water from the Vistula River. He drank so much that he eventually burst. This was the end of fearsome dragon.
And the shoemaker received half of the kingdom and the hand of princess in marriage.

The dragon's den is just a cave hollowed out in the rocks and was inhabited by people since prehistoric times. In the Middle Ages, a house of ill repute was said to have been located here.



  1. What an interesting "fairy tale" story. I'm not a fan of caves, and certainly not a fan of those awful dragons!

  2. Oh, my! Real fire, and a very clever story to go with it. My grandsons would love to see this!

    1. Cynthia it is very popular place with children, So you must earn money and visit Cracow

  3. Nice photos, and a really neat story!

  4. That looks great. I'd really like to see it.

  5. What a fascinating story about the shoemaker! Looks like a very neat place to visit!