Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Wise woman who was born in Katowice

29 th  October 2014

Since October twice a week on Monday and Friday I am in Katowice because I teach students. So I love walking and sightseeing there. Luckily last Monday the weather was perfect but sunny. While I was walking to University I have noticed a big photo of woman which was painted on one of Silesian University building. This photo presents Maria Goeppert Mayer. 

Maria Goeppert
Born June 28, 1906
KattowitzGerman Empire
(today Katowice, Poland)
DiedFebruary 20, 1972 (aged 65)
San Diego, California, United States
United States
InstitutionsSarah Lawrence College
Columbia University
Los Alamos Laboratory
Argonne National Laboratory
University of California, San Diego
Alma materUniversity of Göttingen
Doctoral advisorMax Born
Known forNuclear Shell Structure
Notable awardsNobel Prize for Physics (1963

It was decision to commemorate this wise woman who was Katowice born.

Park close to University.

Greetings from sunny Upper Silesia


  1. It is a very nice mural. I just learnt that apparently our latest new trains are made in Katowice by I think the Alstom company.

    1. Andrew, it is fantastic so it means we travel in completely different part of world using he same trams. Of course there is Alstom Konstal company which produces new types of trams. 10 km fro my home..

  2. how awesome to honor her!

    (to answer your question on why the hawk is called red-shouldered, the adults develop reddish-orange plumage on their shoulders and often across their chests, too.)

    1. yes you are right. Thanks for you answer.

  3. You find the most interesting murals, and this one is a nice tribute to an obviously smart woman ahead of her time!

  4. It is good to honour such a woman!

  5. Nice mural and that sky--not a cloud in it!

    1. the weather this fall is sunny but it was cold