Monday, 6 October 2014

Cracow is always popular with tourists..

6th October 2014

I like Cracow but unfortunately I don't visit it very often because I am short of time. I know Cracow is an old city and well- known around the world but I like like very much Katowice probably I prefer modern cities.

The streets are always crowded

Tea, Beer Break

Flowers stalls so popular here in the Main Square

People around the world visit this unique place..

Just Cracow the new and the old .Enjoy the photos


  1. lovely markets. i like the accordion player!

  2. Neat to see the streets of of the city...and the accordion player! Haven't ever seen someone playing the accordion on the street. I have an accordion and can play it a little, but definitely need practice!

  3. I did not know anything about Cracow before you blog, although I had heard of it. I can see why it is so popular with tourists.

  4. It looks a great city to visit sad about its past. Thanks for showing me around.

  5. Looks a lovely place. The horses are good.