Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Basilica of St. Mary and St. Bartholomew in Piekary Slaskie.

19th October 2014

Piekary is a small town where I work. It is completely different from my hometown which is bigger and older. But Piekary Slaskie is famous for its Mound and The Basilica of St. Mary and St. Bartholomew. I have visited this church with my international friends on 29th September 2014. The weather was perfect and we had a great time.

At the entrance to Basilica there are monuments of 12th Apostles

Interior in Basilica

It  is a Roman Catholic church. There was a church in Piekary Śląskie from the fourtheenth century. The current church, designed by Daniel Grötschel in Neo-Romanesqe style, was completed in 1849. On 
1 December 1962, Pope John XXIII elevated the church to the status of minor basilica.


  1. beautiful! i really like all the arches in the exterior.

    i hope you are sharing these at

  2. Lovely - the inside is just amazing!

    1. It is very famous church and so popular with tourists. And the surroundings includes the Way of Cross and small chapels. Breathtaking..

  3. Very nice! Love the statues to the apostles and the fresco over the door. Plus the interior is breath-taking!

  4. The flowers in the church are just perfect.

  5. The inside makes it seem so much older than it is, I wonder if some of the artifacts from the original church were used here.


  6. That is so lovely inside.
    The vases of flowers look good.

  7. Looks like a fascinating and majestic old Basilica!