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Sunday 31 August 2014

In the forest - picking mushrooms.

1st September 2014

As a family we have a lot of pastimes and one of them is picking mushrooms in the late summer and early autumn. The nearest forest which is clean is located about 45 kilometres from our city.On Sunday we decided to go and pick mushrooms. Walking and picking mushrooms is a fun. But we have known species of mushrooms ( some of them of course) because in the forest are edible mushrooms and poisonous ones. Look at the photos what did we find and saw in our Upper Silesian forest and how looks likes nature here.

Poisonous one. The toadstool but very beautiful in its natural environment

Mushrooms are everywhere - on the tree too - 

Edible - and most wanted for soups

We have collected three baskets so we are satisfied with the forest trip.

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Saturday 30 August 2014

Saint Margaret's Church in Bytom - it was here before Christopher Columbus discovered America.

31st August 2014

Yesterday Bytom celebrated 760 years old. So it means Saint Margaret's Roman Catholic Church was built earlier than Bytom city came into existence. The photos below were taken on 24th August 2014.
Saint Margaret's Church is surrounded by graveyard.

Saint Margaret’s Hill in Bytom, popularly called Małgorzata, which in Polish is a diminutive for Margaret, rises to the south of the today’s city centre. A Piast stronghold, protected by the backwater of the small river Bytomka, was built on the top of the hill. In 1160s, Duke Bolesław IV the Curly of Kraków had funded a church here. The foundation of the chuch was presented on the so called Jaksa Tympanum, which once adorned the church of Saint Michael in Wrocław. Nowadays, on the hill, there is a neo-Gothic church surrounded by a graveyard.

Around the graveyard there is the Way of Cross.

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Jackdaws in my city

30th August 2014

I live in a big conurbation which is polluted but despite it there are a lot of birds which live with us. One of them is jackdaw which is very friendly and it doesn't afraid of people. They live in a big city on the noisy streets.

The western jackdaw (Corvus monedula), also known as the Eurasian jackdawEuropean jackdawWestern Jackdaw, or simply jackdaw, is a passerine bird in the crow family. Found across Europe, western Asia and North Africa, it is mostlyresident, although northern and eastern populations migrate south in winter.

My jackdaws don't migrate for winter they stay with us.

Measuring 34–39 centimetres (13–15 in) in length, the western jackdaw is the second smallest member of the genus Corvus. Most of the plumage is a shiny black, with a purple (in subspecies monedula and spermologus) or blue (in subspecies cirtensis and soemmerringii) sheen on the crown, forehead, and secondaries, and a green-blue sheen on the throat, primaries, and tail. The cheeks, nape and neck are light grey to greyish-silver, and the underparts are slate-grey. The legs are black, as is the short stout bill, the length of which is about 75% of the length of the rest of the head.

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Friday 29 August 2014

Interesting shots in my hometown.

29th August 2014

My hometown is very old city. On Saturday will be the second part of celebration. My city is 760 years old so it means it is older than Cracow. There are a lot of interesting buildings here the new ones and the old ones.
The prestigious secondary school . The building dates back from 1900. Before the WWII here it was the German Secondary school after the war since 1945 it is Polish school.

My lovely means of transport.

Our local prison..

The old part of the city..

The Railway station.

The old mine doesn't work now..

The interior of railway station.

Thursday 28 August 2014

Simple or decorative fence.

28th August 2014

Around my summer house I have had a fence and gate and it is very simple not decorative one. And what's more I am satisfied with it. But a lot of detached houses there have had very decorative fences and gate according to me they are not nice. But people are different so fences, too.

My fence.

Sunflowers protected from birds. Great idea!!!!!

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Globetrotter from Latvia

27th August 2014

Today was another cloudy day but it didn't rain so I could walk in the main street of my city.
While I was walking I did photos of the old houses located in the street.

His vehicle..
Latvian wanderer
Good luck. Brave Man....

While I was walking I noticed the elderly man. And it turned out he is a globetrotter from Latvia. He is going to explore Europe using his bike which can you see. In my opinion he is a brave man. He was sitting and feeding city pigeons and additionally collecting extra money for his challenge. He is 74 - amazing age for riding a bike across the continent. Fantastic man!! So brave.
The railway station.

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