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Tuesday 30 September 2014

Museum of Bread and curiosities

30th September 2014

Today in the afternoon with my European friends I have visited the Museum of Bread and Curiosities.It is located in small town Radzionkow.  It is very interesting place for everybody you can see a lot of different stuff from the past and  you can bake a roll yourself. It is very nice experience to know how our ancestors baked bread and rolls.

Italian team my favourite. Thanks for a great day together.

It is very important photo. There is on the wall in Museum of Bread and curiosities in Radzionkow. This is one of the first colourful photo in the world. It was taken in 1919 by a photographer who later emigrated to the US. Unfortunately we don't know his/her name. 

In the photo you can see a small blond girl.Can you believe this girl now is 99. And he celebrated her birthday last year. She recognised herself during her visit in the museum. 

Thanks for visiting

Monday 29 September 2014

Trip to Katowice with my Italian friends

29th September 2014

I am very busy lately because at my school I am coordinator of Comenius Project ( it is international project). Since 27th September to 4th October we host 6 European countries at my school 
( Germany., Italy, Spain, Romania and Turkey). On Saturday arrived our partner school from Italy
 ( Sicily - Racalmuto).  The rule in Comenius Project is students stay at Polish families and teachers at the Hotel. It was great and unique Sunday which I spent with my Italian friends ( teachers Concetta - English teacher and Sergio - history teacher). 
We visited a lot of interesting places in Katowice. It was their first time in my country and they were very surprised what a developed modern city Katowice is. 
Academic Library in Katowice

Silesian University in Katowice

In the background The Altus Hotel

University of Silesia

Harley in front of Protestant Cathedral

Protestant Cathedral in Katowice

Colours of autumn

Flower Bed

Our lunch




Concetta and Sergio

It was a fantastic Italian Day.

Thank you very much

Next year I am going to visit Sicily maybe??

Sunday 28 September 2014

Cats are intelligent but I prefer dogs

28th September 2014

I love cats because they so intelligent and independent. I don't have a cat but most friends have cats. Having cats is more comfortable especially when you live in the apartment in a big city because you don't to have walking in the morning or in the evening. So the cat lives all his life in the flat and can only look out of the window. In my opinion it is not fair and well for a nice creature spending life closed in the small space. One of my friends whom I have visited lately has cat Nala never has been outside. Nala only sleeps and walks in the apartment on 10th floor. She is very nice cat which has never experienced fresh air. Nala is very big and fat but fantastic cat. But it is not nice lifestyle for the independent cat. What is your opinion.?

Thanks for visiting

Saturday 27 September 2014

Birds love water

27 th September 2014
In the morning while I was waiting at the tram stop I was observing birds - pigeons which are very popular at my place.Pigeons are tame and one passenger was sitting on the bench and was feeding the pigeons.

After breakfast birds decide to have a shower in the local fountain. I couldn't believe my eyes what intelligent creatures birds are.

And later the jackdfaw has joined to them. It was fantastic comapny.

Thanks for visiting

Friday 26 September 2014

On the way to Upper Silesia

26 th September 2014

I love travelling especially long distances. I know some of you hate travelling. I love especially motorways. Motorways are boring because in my country you can see from car mainly forests. I love summer weather but this while we were travelling to home the weather was rainy but later has improved. 

Break - my dog loves it.

Highway to Silesia

Welcome in Katowice

And the last way to my hometown.

We are at last at home.

Thanks for visting