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Sunday 31 May 2015

Nowy Sacz a nice place

1st June 2015

It is a small town located in the mountains but very picturesque..

Town Hall

 Nowy Sącz was founded on 8 November 1292 by the Bohemian king Wenceslaus II, on the site of an earlier village named Kamienica. 

The town has been known in German as Neu Sandez and in Hungarian as Újszandec. The Rusyn (Galician) name was Novyj Sanc. Its Yiddish names include צאנז (Tsanz) and נײ-סאנץ (Nay-Sants). Other Polish noun forms: Nowego Sącza: “of Nowy Sącz”, w Nowym Sączu: “in Nowy Sącz”; adjective forms: nowosądeck-i/a/iego/iej/ie/ich and for the region sądeck-i/a/iego/iej/ie/ic
Nowy Sącz is at the confluence of the Kamienica River into the Dunajec, about 20 kilometres (12 miles) north of the Slovakborder, in the Sądecka Valley (Kotlina Sądecka) at an altitude of 381 metres (1,250 feet). It is surrounded by ranges of the eastern Outer Western Carpathian Mountains: Beskid Sądecki to the south, Beskid Wyspowy to the west, Beskid Niski to the southeast, and the foothills of Pogórze Rożnowskie to the north. The geological basis is Carpathian flysch – an undifferentiated grey-banded sandstone – with alluvial sediment from the DunajecPoprad, and Kamienica rivers in the valley basin. The climate is temperate, with an average annual rainfall of about 700 millimetres (27.6 inches).

 Nowy Sacz is  located about 250 km from my place
The best are ice creams here.. I have tasted them... yummy

Grodek near river Dunajec a great place for a weekend

31 st May 2015

Grodek near Dunajec is a veyt picturesqe village located between mountains and a lake. Look at the photos..

View from my Hotel

Lake Roznow

houses ocated next to lake...

Friday 29 May 2015

turkey near the salt lake

30th may 2015 all photos were taken in turkey in april. It was lake tuz where water is salty.

i am in the moutains

29th may 2015           i am in the pieniny mountains.the weather is fantastic and sunny. Tomorroe i will upload a lot of photos  have a nice saturday ,,love from polish mountains

Thursday 28 May 2015

It is high time to relax in the open air

29th May 2015

Spring can be hot but currently the weather is not nice here. It is rainy and cold. But people are prepared to relax in the open air. Last weekend at my summer place I noticed a fantastic place to relax at the weekends..

Have a nice weekend..

Fences make good neighbours

28th May 2015

In Poland almost each property has a fence and each is different.

Which one is the most interesting??? It doesn't matter..

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Vineyard at my summer place

28th May 2105

At my summer palace there is a small private vineyard. It produces a local wine which is very healthy and delicious. I drank it last year it was a great wine much better than accessible in local stores..

I am waiting for a bottle of wine ....

Tuesday 26 May 2015

Monday afternoon in capital of Upper Silesia Katowice

27th May 2015

It was last Monday  the weather was not sunny but rainy and cloudy... Most of people were at work because it was 1 p.m.

Tram stop....

Altus Hotel

Monument of Silesian Uprising each symbolises one uprising..

 Saucer in Katowice the most famous landmark
 Local park


At weekend I am going to the mountains and Cracow,... I hope I will take a lot of photos.

Next Wednesday I am going to London and Brighton with my students for one week...